Who is Dr. Time?


In 2002 we had a little money left over from the Mary Gates Scholarship. So with the help of Sam Anderson’s amazing animation skills and Grant Mandarino’s help in script development an 8-minute flash animation called The Chronicles of Dr. Time was born.


The film tells the story of the time traveling adventures of a little boy named Ben and his out of work uncle Dr. Time. One day Dr. Time happens upon a “time hole” in the basement of their building, and because of this trouble ensues, “reality” as we know it may never be the same!


Inspired by Ray Brabury’s short story A Sound of Thunder and the Simpsons remake from the Treehouse of Horror Episode V, Time and Punishment the animated short was made.

Watch a sample clip

Dr. Time Animation Teaser from Adam Dow on Vimeo.


Dr. Time is now the president and C.E.O. of Dr. Time Productions.

In the future

Dr. Time Productions hopes to make another animated film with a higher budget in 2015. It may even be a mixture of animation, 3D puppet art, and miniatures. We would like to have cross cultural tie ups with both American and Indian production houses before proceeding with this project. Adam and Sam first visited India in 2001. It has always been a dream of there’s to create a project in which they would be able to highlight there storytelling skills, artistic skills, and there ability to create a high production look for a low cost. Adam has lived his last three years in Mumbai while Sam has been working on his Phd. for anthropology specifically in mask ceremonies coming out of West Africa.

If you are interested in more information please contact Adam Dow @ 206.473.9211 or Facebook.

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