Anjanna Anjanni

Bollywood Film

Adam gets an acting role in the Bollywood Film Ajanna Ajanni staring Priyanka Chopra and Ranbir Kapoor (2010). Adam plays the role of a cancer patient. His character inspires Priyanka and Ranbir to sing and dance.



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1298 Helpline Video

P.S.A. 2009

MAKING IT UPTwo 30-second public service announcements created for a women’s domestic helpline based out of Mumbai.  This video was created by the request of Sheriff of Mumbai Indu Shahani in helping spread the word for this important cause. Starring Suchitra Pillai Hindi film actress.


Director, editor, and producer.

Watch P.S.A.1

Watch P.S.A. 2

WEB STILL2Master Vegeancer

Short Film 2009

A 12-minute Kung Fu action comedy produced in Seattle Washington. Master Vegeancer is a story of vengeance as the young martial arts master Mozart carries out his revenge against the evil Claw, who killed his only Instructor Tiger Jones.  Has played in 5 different film festivals in the U.S.


Director, co-writer, and actor

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Website coming soon

LUCKBYCHANCE2The Making of Luck By Chance

Extra Feature 2008

This video was included in the DVD extra feature for the Hindi movie Luck By Chance for the making of the song Pyaar Ki Dastaan. It was created in association with No Nonsense Productions.


Motion graphics creator, and editor

Watch the motion graphic

Motion Graphics Reel

This is my motion graphics reel from 2006. I made all of the graphics with F.C.P. After Effects and Photoshop.



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P.h.d. Video 2008

In 2008 I traveled to Burkino Faso to visit my friend Sam Anderson who was there on a Fullbright Scholarship. During that time we traveled around Burkina documenting mask festivals for an on going documentary project being produced for his P.H.D. with U.C.L.A.


Camera operator, editor

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Travel Video 2008

This video was made for an Internet based distribution company.  It has an interview with the un-official tour guide of the Dhobi Ghats of Mumbai. The Dhobi Ghats meaning, “washing place” is a famous landmark in Mumbai.  It serves as one of the biggest Laundromats in India.


Produced, Directed, Edited, Camera Operator

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Liem’s Pet Shop

Video Blog 2007 LIEM SHOP

Liem’s Pet Shop is located in Maynard Alley in Seattle Washington’s Chinatown District. Walking into Liem’s shop is like traveling into another world, as fighting fish, pigeons, and lizards, live all together in this small little shop tucked away in the back streets of Seattle’s lesser known tourist spots. Shot as a “travel blog” style show.  This 5-minute film was produced for Real Networks as a possible series to go on their website


Producer, host, editor, and writer.

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Industrial Video 2006

The Blue Ribbon Cooking School function is an event that brings together high-level people working in business technology services.  I produced a 12-minute testimonial video for use with in Avanade’s company officials.  I produced, filmed, edited, and formatted for the Web.



Grizzly Men

Short Film 2006


Grizzly Men is a 12-minute short film that spoofs documentary film Grizzly Man made by Werner Herzog. The story follows the life of Gregory Herdwell who spent 15 summers with the Capitol Hill “Bears” of Seattle Washington. As Gregory’s fascination with the “bears” takes over his life, he is pushed into a whole new existence losing himself from the reality he once knew.  Starring Seattle based character actor Troy Mink. Premiered in Seattle Gay and Lesbian Film Festival 2008.


Writer, director, producer, and editor

Watch the film

Karaoke Camelot


Karaoke Camelot is a 12-minute short film about an alcoholic senator named Teri Dori. While maintaining her job as the senator during the day, Teri Dori follows her true passion of drunken Karaoke singing at night.  After getting dumped by her husband for a younger woman the senator decides to take this particular evening of intoxicated revelry to the next level.  Starring the extremely talented character actor Troy Mink (Seattle, WA), and the comic performances of Orla Mc Govern (Dublin, Ireland), and shot by the amazingly talented Viraj Singh(Mumbai, India). This film went into distribution as a short film DVD release with Unexpected Productions back in 2007.


Co-wrote, director, editor, and producer.

Watch an excerpt from film


Culture Yard

Live Reggae Shows 2006-2008

LEE FINALLuciano, Lee Scratch Perry, The Skatalites, Mad Professor, just to name a few of the big time Reggae sounds to perform live in Seattle Washington. Fully documented and produced with Culture Yard Productions.


Producer, camera operator, editor, and digitizer.


Watch Lee Scratch Perry

Watch The Skatalites

LUIGI MAIN MENU4Seattle’s Little Italy

Cooking Video 2006


Seattle based Italian Cook Luigi Denunzio creates some of his most delicious delicacies in a 60-minute cooking video. This video was used to land Luigi a variety of T.V. spots on local channels as well as went for direct distribution from his three restaurants and website.


Director, editor and producer.

Watch excerpt from the film


The Varsity News

Sports Show 2005-2010

I worked for this Seattle based production company for over the past 5 years on and off working on, shooting, editing, and producing Football and Basketball for Comcast on Demand.



Love in the Time of Robots


This forty-minute mid-feature length film was starring some of the all-star cast of Unexpected Productions. Stan (Ron Hippie) leaves his collapsing relationship with Julia (Michelle Hippie) to come start a new life in Seattle. Taking up a new residence, Stan moves in with Gerald (Michael White) to try and find peace with his one real true love his robot collection.  Stan being a very fragile human being finds himself in trouble as he realizes the extent of Gerald’s (new roommate) fanaticism of pressing the envelope of art. Eventually Stan’s world comes tumbling down as he find himself in the middle of one Gerald’s performance art pieces.


Produced, Directed, Edited, Costuming, and Puppets

Watch an excerpt from the film

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