Green House: Explore the world of recreational marijuana use.

Green House provides a unique view in the legalized recreational marijuana industry.

 Across the nation, the peoples’ voice has been heard and for the first time, recreational marijuana is now legalized in 4 states and counting.  From the beautiful urban setting of Seattle to the gorgeous backdrops of the rockies, the program will showcase industrious pioneers in how it’s made and how it’s sold.

A look behind the scenes in one of the nation’s most controversial industry. 

Our fun and friendly host will take the audience along in a behind-the-scenes look with the growers and distributors.  Fascination and entertaining animation segments will also provide historical and scientific factoids that will keep the audience engaged.

Changing a culture’s perception. 

Recreational marijuana use is no longer meant for criminals or members living in the fringes of society.  It’s now meant for everyone.  Just like in the days of witnessing the end of prohibition, we are at the cusp of a new stage in American history.  The Green House will cover the industry and what lies beyond the horizon for legalized marijuana use.


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