International Improv teacher Adam Dow

Dr. Time Productions in association with Unexpected Productions, and Improv. Comedy Mumbai, has taken the next step in moving Improvisational Theater to India.

From Seattle to Mumbai

In 2009 Adam Dow ran his first two Improv. Workshops with Theatre Professionals and Thespo Youth Theatre Festival, after that he was fortunate enough to pick up a handful of students who have helped keep the dream alive here in Mumbai. Having the first student showcase on December 10th 2009 with Zenzi Mills Bar. The show was a big hit and now there seems to be a demand for more Improvisational Theatre to continue in India.


Improv Comedy Mumbai has been in existence for one year now. Currently it has performed shows in all the major cities of India. Doing shows for such sponsors as Vodaphone, ICICI Bank, Ballentines Whiskey, Time Out Magazine, Lonovo Computers, and Wilson College in Mumbai. 

It is the hope that in 2011 Improv. Comedy Mumbai will be able to grow and fill the need of Improvisational Theater in India by creating a group of professionally trained  Improvisers and performers that will provide quality entertainment both people in India as well as an international audience.  It is also Improv Comedy Mumbai’s goal to increase it’s educational program in the next years to come by offering a range of different Improv classes along with a variety of different international improv instructors. Hopefully pushing for new growth and change to the face of the Global community.

PERFORMINGIn the future:

In 2011 we would like to arrange for a teacher from Seattle’s Unexpected Productions to come visit India and do some workshops.  We would eventually like to have an all Indian Improv. group go visit Seattle for Unexpected Productions International Improv Festival.  As well as doing more out reach, youth festivals, N.G.O. type work in Mumbai.

Adam Dow

Adam Dow is currently the Artistic Director of Improv Comedy Mumbai. He has been working in the field of Improvisational Theater since the age of 18. From his High school Theatresports days to running a college improvisational group and on into performing professionally with Seattle’s Unexpected Productions Improv troupe; Adam Dow has had over 13 years of performance experience in the field of improvised theater. In 2010 Adam was nominated as number 9 of people who matter in Mumbai by


Unexpected Productions

Unexpected Productions has been performing comedy improv in Seattle since 1983, and is dedicated to promoting the art and spirit of improvisation. The 13th International Festival of Improv was just put on in 2009. Unexpected Productions also provides a full curriculum of improv classes as well.   Randy Dixon the artistic director of Unexpected Productions uses the teachings of Keith Johnstone Impro, Del Close Truth in Comedy to teach his students the improv skills they need to put on smart intelligent dynamic performances.



We need sponsorship to make this all happen. This is why in 2011 we will be seeking sponsorship from companies around India and the U.S.  We would like to push for spreading improv. to India and the rest of South East Asia.


If you are interested in classes or booking us please contact:


History of Improv

Written By: Keith Johnstone

Written By: Keith Johnstone

Improvisational Theatre is a spontaneously created form of theatre that uses suggestions given by the audience to create original scene work.  Most of the work is based off of theatre games that were meant to help playwrights in overcoming their writer’s block by short-circuiting their natural tendency to edit their work. Improv became first popular in London’s Royal Court theatre with Keith Johnstone founder of the improvisational format know as Theatresports. Improvisation then made its move to the United States.

Del Close

Del Close

Del Close

In the late 70’s there was a revolution in America that changed the face of comedy and improvisation across the world. Second City an improvisational theatre in Chicago launched the careers of nearly all the most famous comedians on the planet, including; John Belushi, Mike Myers, Steve Carrell to name a few.  Many of these greats learned from the improvisational genius Del Close who pushed his students to be truthful in their scene work.

This is a youtube video made about Del Close’s Life


Since then improvisational theatre has exploded onto the global level. A variety of T.V. shows have done very well in recent times.  “Whose Line is it Anyways? is an all improvised show that got so popular there was two versions made, one for the  U.S, and one for the U.K. Now improvisation is starting to find its place among a global community.  Dr. Time Productions would love to see Improv now make a home in Mumbai in 2010.

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