pays homage to all the great old Kung Fu films whilst infusing it with the independence, flair, and vibe of the Pacific Northwest.

Short Film

Master Vengeancer has shown to sold out audiences in Seattle’s Rawstock, Boston Underground Film Festival, Seattle True Independent Film Festival, L.A. Asian Pacific Film Fest, Eugene’s DisOrient Film Fest, and Portland’s Faux Film Festival. . 12 minute run time shot in HD.


Returning home to his beloved Kung Fu school the talented young martial arts master Mozart finds his only teacher Tiger Jones murdered at the hands of old an ex-student named Claw. Filled with rage Mozart sets out on the path of vengeance.

Watch the trailer bellow

Master Vengeancer “FILM TRAILER” (2009) from Adam Dow on Vimeo.

Feature Film

Dr. Time Productions is working on creating a feature length version of this film. Currently Adam Dow and Kendrick Redira are in the scripting process in which we will be doing a staged reading of the film in June of 2011. We hope to be able to go into production of this film in Spring 2013.

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